About Kellie

Mother, daughter, shoe blogger, motivator, mover & shaker, powerful, confident, secure Superwoman that is first & foremost a child of God!  Seriously, I am the mother of 2 adult shoe fanatics, I am a kid at heart who tries to find the humor in life even when things are tough.  I am a blogger on many topics because we are multi-faceted beings and should work to motivate people in the areas where we are strong & they can use the strength.  I am a strong believer in God, if you stick around long enough you will see me admit that I cuss like a sailor but I pray like a saint.

I am a proponent for women walking in their true power, excuses are a hindrance that must be overcome….unless its of spiders, then I say we can shake in the corner together until someone comes to rescue us.  I am the woman who has been told one too many times that I’m eloquent, that I’m so pretty to be a black girl & had folks approach me with “wassup girlfriend” to the point where I want to share a point of view that hopefully will be thought provoking and one that debunks the stereotype of what black women are thought to be.

I look forward to hearing your point of view in the comments on the topics I find near & dear to me as I offer my perspective on them.  I won’t say I speak for all African American women, I speak as one perspective, mine…which happens to be Chocolate (I don’t refer to myself as African American because I’ve never been to Africa & I wasn’t born there).  So if you are looking for a perspective that is a bit off the beaten path at times, then welcome.  If you comment, please keep it respectful.  Thanks


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