Public vs. Private Point of View

I stand in favor of a lot of things that people would be shocked about.  I try to look at things very objectively and make a rational decision on what I feel the outcome should be or should have been if the situation has already passed.  I try to look at things from the human standpoint but there are times when things are racially motivated and even in those situations, I try to figure out what is driving that.

Social media has opened a lot of us up to the personal point of view of perfect strangers & it has caused a lot of controversy in the process.  It has caused me to review what I say in most cases before I post it, I used to have “discussions” on my page that I felt were interesting but that could be considered volatile and I would referee these quite well.  Now I rarely share these types of things because people seem to lack the respect when an opposing point of view is shared.

I was one that held the feeling that people posting things on FB should not be fired from their jobs or not hired for their opinions.  We are all entitled to express ourselves and it does not mean that everyone will agree with us.  Tonight, I changed my mind.  Much of what we share, we control.  Now, if you have your pages set to private & you are spouting hatred, going on nonstop political rants & just being downright ugly, I have no issue with that.  However, when you are sharing these things in a public manner, I think you start to represent everything you have in your “About” section.  That means your workplace if you have it listed, it means that you can potentially bring harm to the brand you work for or the one you are trying to build.

I do my best to surround myself with positive thoughts, people & energy and because of this, I ignore a lot of the negative things that are shared on social media but there comes a time when we must realize that ignoring is as bad as condoning.  I don’t expect you to think like me, to act like me or to like me but I do expect you to use good sense when sharing your point of view.  I don’t share much to my “public” audience, what I do share is usually uplifting or funny because it represents so much more than just Kellie.  On my private page, I try to stay true to who I am but if I think it is going to be received in a truly bad way, I keep that off of social media.  They make these people called personal friends & actual family that you can use these new fangled contraptions called phones to share the worst of your opinions and not have to worry about backlash.  For the first time ever since I’ve been on Facebook, I reported someone & then sent a long email to the brand he represents and asked my fellow Facebook friends to hold him accountable.  I thought long & hard before doing so but I then realized “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”  So I did something, it may not have been much but it was something.  I hope you will join me in not ignoring hatred in public spaces.  We keep saying we want the racial divide to go away, well ignoring the problem is not a solution, it will not go away until we shine a light on it & hold those that share their bigotry accountable.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”


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