Will The Real Hypocrites Please Stand Up


I have gone on record in what feels like a million different posts saying that I don’t discuss politics so I want to start this post by saying that this IS NOT about Republican or Democrats.  This is about bias.  My cousin mentioned Kim Kardashian showing her ass today on a facebook post & it made me look to see what the hoopla was about.  As soon as I saw it, I honestly became immediately annoyed.

This girl whose claim to fame is a sex tape & screwing her way through Hollywood is showing a round greased up butt and this is considered so sexy that her goal is to break the internet.  No real education unless you count sex education, no real skills that she has shown beyond being on her back and she’s idolized.

Again, here is the reason for the polical disclaimer.  Michelle Obama is not overweight and NATURALLY like a lot of chocolate women, has a positive backside yet she’s considered a hypocrite for telling people to eat healthy?  Do a damned squat or two and see where your backside goes.  I would like for those of you that criticize the 1st Ladies backside yet think Kim Kardashian’s store bought ass is sexy to shut the fuck up because you’re full of shit.  Something that is natural is icky yet this giant ass is sexy?  Yeah, what the fuck ever.

Educated, married, family woman and she gets criticized for the size of her butt which is natural, woman whose main claim to fame is something that will fade (beauty) and then fall down to the backs of her knees (that’s what happens to big asses that aren’t maintained as you get older) is what we are holding up at the standard, what little girls are seeing daily as what is acceptable.  Ugh!  I’m so annoyed that ass trumps education and class.


Photo taken from the TMZ website



2 thoughts on “Will The Real Hypocrites Please Stand Up

  1. Our First Lady is one of the most elegant, Grace-filled & graceful, to say nothing of intelligent and beautiful women in the nation. Anyone who thinks otherwise either needs to get their eyes examined, or they need to examine their hearts and root out the racism that is buried there.

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    • I just get so tired of the superficial nonsense that wins out over all the things you mentioned. I am so happy my daughter is an adult right now, I would not want to rear a young woman these days. Everything is about how much sex can you have & post on the internet. I must be getting old, this crap pisses me all the way off.


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